If you are thinking of signing up with hidemyass, the biggest advantage you will get is that you will have a fully functional account within just hours of making the payment. What's more, this is the upper limit. Many people have reportedly received their login credentials within as little as 15 minutes after paying them. Now that really is unbelievable isn't it? In this article, you'll able to read hidemyass VPN review.


With this VPN service provider, you can even get a desktop application and icon to use on your desktop. This icon will allow you to open the application and will even allow you to exit the program.


When you login, you will be taken to the dashboard and from there you will be able to change your country server, IP address and even schedule future IP address changes. When you change countries, you will even be able to select a new IP address through a pop up that shows up immediately.


One useful feature which they provide is known as the Secure IP bind. What happens here is that any applications which are added to the bind settings will automatically get terminated if you are disconnected for any reason in between. This is quite helpful as far as those times when your internet service provider is down and you don't want the site you are on to know you actual IP address.


As far as software updates are concerned, you don't need to worry about them as they update on their own.


A list of some of the exciting features of this product are as below:


1. IP changes on the move.

2. Easily selectable country settings.

3. Load balance settings.

4. The ability to connect to random servers.

5. The ability to allow your IP address to change randomly every few minutes.


What's more, they have servers in more than 10 countries worldwide including Russia, USA, Sweden, UK, etc. They even have two servers which are off shore and out of the jurisdiction of any proper law enforcement which means that your data will be protected from the government as well.


As far as privacy is concerned, you have nothing to worry about when you hidemyass. Like the name suggests, you will be hidden from just about any website you visit. So what are you waiting for? It's time you started enjoying the many benefits of browsing the internet without worrying about your IP address being tracked.


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